Where are you, when creativity finds you?

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The internet has given birth to so many businesses and has undoubtedly made (and broken) businesses of all sizes. Since then, technology has changed at an ever-growing pace and with each new wave of technology, a new opportunity has been created for businesses. The emerging trend this year is mobile, and most specifically, wearable tech.

Mobile can unlock a vast amount of data and insight into trends, patterns and the behaviour of their targeted audience in real time for a targeted campaign. But are brands making the most of this? What are they learning from this data and how are they acting upon this?  Here is how a digital strategist earns their living. They help their company to understand what consumers want and behave and putting that into actionable insights for the creatives to either improve a service or the delivery of a product, it is all about making the interactions with the customer better. How they do it is the challenge.

The trick is keeping up with the speed at which everything changes in digital. If you believe you know all there is to know about digital then you are wrong. You will never stop learning in digital, learning new technologies and learning changes in your market. Building a detailed picture of your target audiences interest and behaviours is the only way to thrive in digital. Once you have caught up with your market you need that creativity to push things onto the next level.


So what we want to know is where you are when the most creative ideas come to you? For many it is on the tube to work or in the bathroom, for others it’s on the football pitch or running track, it could even be the gym. How do you write down these ideas and how do they get remembered and in what ways is technology driving and changing your creative process? 

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