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Grundig Heinzelmann 75th Anniversary 3D Animated Film Heinzelmann, which has an important place in the history of the Grundig brand, celebrates the 75th anniversary of the radio. So, we wanted to share its journey, from past to present. We have determined the most effective approach to take to depict this journey:
We needed to produce an impressive 3D animated film to describe the transformation of the timeless iconic design that returned years later as the state-of-the-art radio. To emphasize the retro-looking design of the product created from natural wood, we have prepared various scenes that show the different parts of the radio in an abstract environment. We gave these parts, which will be seen in different scenes, compatible aesthetic movements with the rhythm of the music. In the final scene, the Heinzelmann radio, which we will now see in a concrete environment, was visualized in the most suitable place of the house designed explicitly for Grundig.

Project Information:
• Advertiser Company: Arçelik/ Grundig
• Advertiser Authorized: Görkem Gör, Tayfun Uguzluoglu
• CG Production: Digital Panorama
• Creative/ CGI/ Compositing: Emre Gören
• 3D Modelling: Emre Gören, Teberdar Gürbey
• Customer Relations Team: Pinar Dinçer, Gözde Müftüoglu


A’Design Award


  • Görkem GörClient
  • Tayfun UguzluogluClient
  • Emre GörenHead of Creative
  • Gözde MüftüogluCustomer Relations Team
  • Teberdar Gürbey3D Modelling
  • * Digital Panorama
  • * Pınar DincerHead of Client & Communications
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Grundig Heinzelmann 75th Anniversary 3D Animation Film