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Budweiser for Deuce Studio
Budweiser’s 2021 Labor Day campaign asked the nation to nominate America’s everyday unsung heroes. The #RaiseABud campaign sent ten hardworking citizens a personalised can of Budweiser, created by the brilliant minds at Deuce Studio. The Deuce team came to us to help them showcase these cans, so we created a suite of images that highlighted the core aspects of the design and mirrored the tone of the campaign. Paired with a playful animation that could be used across multiple campaign touchpoints, we provided Deuce with assets to bring their work to life.Needless to say, we were delighted to see Deuce Studio’s work receive Bronze yesterday at the Dieline awards – congratulations team!


Project featured: on 25th November 2022

Budweiser #RaiseABud Campaign