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OneFootball is the leading football app for fans, sharing news, stats, scores, live matches and video content. OF needed a brand refresh with a compelling strategy and identity to attract clubs, leagues and broadcasters and resonate with fans. DesignStudio created the brand strategy Hype the Game, which is brought to life by the Hype Generator. This digital tool generates exciting visuals in three states: Fracture, Neutral and Flux; creating jerky and flowing graphics. Affecting the logo, type and patterns, DesignStudio redrew the logo to cleverly represent a one, a football, and the legs kicking a football.


  • OneFootballClient
  • Campbell ButlerCreative Director
  • Pamm HongStrategist
  • Vinay MistryDesign Director
  • * DesignStudioDesign Agency
  • * D&AD

OneFootball Logo


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