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What customers see as priority when booking flights?
There are the gaps and opportunities in the current buying to flying experience, and different customer contexts.

Working with DesignStudio we redesigned the end-to-end booking flow for British Airways, creating an overall more immersive experience and an increase in post-ticket purchases with the use of clever layout and behavioural UI science.

The tasked journey starts after users hit “search” on the destination selector screen.

From here we decided to introduce the users to their “destination world”.

The system, trough pre-loaded images dedicated to each BA destination, analyses the colour palette of each scenery which then is blurred making the resulting outcome a colour halo which will follow the user throughout the booking journey.

Another aspect we wanted to improve is the waiting-standby-time, the typical length involved with fetching the available flights. While this happens in the background, poems or famous quotes related to the destination are displayed in front of the users, on top of the Colour-world
(in the example, New York)

This results in each search being different and a custom feel based on the destination.


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Project featured: on 22nd March 2022

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