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Polly Oswald makes luxury handpoured candles and diffusers with fragrances inspired by memories of her own childhood. The new branding evokes a sense of nostalgia, adding a warmth and charm.


As part of the brief, print costs had to be kept low. A single Pantone Neutral Black was used for the base packaging with coloured stickers for the fragrances.


Since launching the new look mid October 2017, Polly has seen an 18% increase in sales.


“Chris went far beyond the initial missive and created an entire story behind the branding. I fell in love with it immediately and sales records would indicate that my customers have too! So very many thanks Chris. Highly recommended and have done so many times.”

Polly Oswald

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Date published: 11 March 2019 2019-03-11T16:15:43+0000


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