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We created an impactful, confident new typeface for Lipton Ice Tea - born out of the sunshine synonymous with the Lipton brand, and crafted with detail. Lit by the bright sun and emboldened by shadow, we use the Highlight typeface to speak confidently through distinctive, unmissable headings. We play with multiple cuts, colours, circularity and scale to add pace and impact to Lipton’s communications. Live, adaptable and globally implemented, the Lipton Highlight Typeface is bold rather than brash, confident without shouting, perfectly encapsulating the brand’s essence of natural, sunny optimism.

Despite having a bespoke cut of Intro, Lipton Ice Tea lacked an iconic font that felt ownable to the brand which was suitable for use throughout the brand world globally. We were briefed to create an impactful typeface that would ensure a level of recognisability and consistency across numerous markets, languages, alphabets and product flavours.

Our solution was to create a font which is reflective of the brand’s bright optimistic image and purpose that can adapt to different languages and alphabets whilst retaining its recognisable essence and sunshine feel. Rather than utilising several fonts within the brand world, we playfully combine use of multiple cuts with colour and scale to add pace and impact across a diverse global brand world.

Linda Rytterstig Client Business Director
Alex Fagg-Woehlk Snr Client Manager
Olivia Ranger Snr Client Manager
Tim Vary Creative Director
Stuart Bolt-Palmer Design Director
James Green Designer
Alessandro Foschini Motion Director
James Cooney Design Director
Lyndon Rutherford Senior Art Director
Adam Stanley Senior Artworker
Josh Clare Senior Artworker
Julia Thompson Production Project Manager
Talitha Watson Senior Production Project Manager
Collaborators: FontFabric


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Lipton: Highlight Typeface