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Claire Parker, Creative Director at our Amsterdam office, is part of the ‘corporate design panel’ of Marketing Tribune magazine, so every month she will judge a corporate design, together with Tom Dorresteijn from Studio Dumbar and Stefan Pangratz from VBAT. This time the design panel was asked to judge the corporate identity of ArboUnie designed by Gummo.

Here’s the full translated article:

The ArboUnie positions itself as a partner that ensures employees stay healthy and remain in the work force. The “Health Manager” focuses on reliability, being level headed and working together. (The “Health Manager” focus is on being reliable, level headed and cooperative.) Gummo visualized this by choosing a no-nonsense style with clear typography and realistic photography.

Claire Parker, Creative Director at Design Bridge: “The new brand positioning talks about clarity being essential to communication, and they have certainly achieved that. The website and touch point shared are both easily navigable and visually and tonally engaging, striking the right balance of being open and informative without being patronising. It is the wordmark itself that I find incomplete, every other element plays a role in delivering the promise of the brand from tone of voice through to photography and the slogan. But the wordmark feels incomplete and naive, slightly awkward in its role as a signifier for such a people centric brand.” Score: Overall identity 7 - Wordmark 1


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