Designate Brighton


The Brief
Motor insurance premiums have a tendency to rise and fall run in cycles. This year, the feeling was that prices would remain low.

That meant that people would be discouraged from looking around for alternative quotes as the quote from their existing insurer would not have risen much.

So our brief was relatively simple – encourage to people to find out that they could save money by switching when they might not be considering it.

The Strategy
We felt that highlighting that changing being a good thing was the way forward.

So we developed a script that dramatised change in a very LV= way.

Green dust, a bespoke massive street art piece from Brazilian street artist FPLO, a free runner, a wizard, heart shaped swimming pools, an epic murmuration and a 3D printed snail so convincing that Clearcast (the TV regulatory people) asked for a vet’s certificate were just a few of the things we used to show an LV= style change occurring.

TV Ad Campaign


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