This weekend saw the launch of B&Q's latest 'You can do it ' ad. The new ad was the pinnacle of a brand new B&Q Partnership with ITV brokered by Dentsu Creative which launched during ITV’s hugely successful and final series of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Take Away. Investing in what is a big TV come-together moment, the idents leveraged ITV's Proudly Presents format reproducing and reimagining the conventional ITV graphic concept into a monumental 20 ft by 35 ft handmade installation, marking a media first for ITV by allowing a brand to feature within the Proudly Presents format.
Utilising B&Q products we see a set being built teasing what’s to come for viewers over 4, 10-second ads, which will aired sequentially during the ad breaks The culmination of this series will feature the epic reveal of B&Q’s monumental creation, seamlessly segueing into the debut of B&Q's brand new film for You Can Do It.


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