What if a country was so beautiful, that it was just as captivating when you can't see it?

Winter was coming and faced with another lockdown, no one could go out and explore Rough Guide's No1 most beautiful country in the world.

Visit Scotland needed to remind people that even in dark times, the dramatic beauty of Scotland is still there. But as one of the world’s most photographed destinations, we wanted to do it in a completely new way.

In a world first, we captured this incredible country at night, creating the first tourism film shot in complete darkness. Using a modified heavy-lift drone and an agile FPV stunt drone, we flew a specially built 12000-watt spotlight around some of the country’s best-known landmarks.

With the mysterious 'wisp', an ancient Scottish legend said to be a mischievous, dancing ball of light guiding us, we are taken from place to place, illuminating natural beauty and iconic structures before coming back to the ancient stone circle on the Isle of Lewis.

The challenges were immense.

There were no special effects used, so it was all captured ‘in-camera’ using only lights, smoke and patience. Operating in complete darkness meant we had to shoot blind, as well as on dangerous terrain and in freezing temperatures. Logistically, several locations including the Kelpies and the Strathisla Distillery, had never even turned their lights off before.

We weren’t sure if this was going to work until we saw the first shots, which were spectacular.

Accompanied by a beautiful original score, people were spellbound by the remarkable film.

So, turn off the lights, sit back, and enjoy Scotland at Night.


D&AD Award - Wood Pencil
Roses Design Award


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