Pringles Poptopia: a groundbreaking digital playground for Pringles enthusiasts

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Dentsu agencies, Dentsu Creative and Merkle, in collaboration with Pringles, announce the launch of Pringles Poptopia, a revolutionary digital destination set to redefine the way fans across Europe interact with the iconic snack brand. Poptopia promises an immersive innovative and engaging experience, offering exclusive content and unforgettable connections for Pringles lovers worldwide.

Poptopia invites users to embark on a journey through a series of themed islands, each offering unique and exciting interactions. From the football-themed excitement of Pringoooals to the fast-paced sorting challenge of Stack & Sort, there's something for every Pringles enthusiast to enjoy. At the heart of Poptopia, the beloved Mr. P, long hailed as the quintessential brand champion for Pringles, comes to life as the guiding force in our enchanting realm. With his infectious charm and boundless enthusiasm, Mr. P stands ready to accompany and support users on their immersive adventures throughout all facets of Poptopia.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Pringles can and its delectable crisps, we've meticulously crafted a world that 'pops' open, immersing users in an enchanting realm built around the essence of our most beloved and recognisable flavours. But Poptopia is far more than just a digital playground—it represents a groundbreaking partnership with Adobe, elevating the user experience to new heights of innovation and personalisation, embodying the dentsu mission to shape society through people-centred transformation. Through this collaboration, we've not only created an unparalleled experience for Pringles enthusiasts but also forged a unique opportunity for Pringles and Kellanova to enter a new space they weren't present previously.

Through this strategic partnership, Poptopia stands as a scalable platform designed to lay the foundation for transformative brand experiences. Leveraging Adobe's cutting-edge technology, dentsu can collect valuable first-party data, empowering Pringles to craft personalised experiences enriched with insights gleaned from user interactions, using creativity to drive loyalty and give the Pringles consumer a reason to spend time with the brand.

This integration of data-driven personalisation not only enhances user engagement but also positions Poptopia as a powerful tool in supporting Pringles' ambitious growth targets while staying true to its premium brand values. By harnessing the capabilities of Adobe, dentsu is not only creating a digital destination—it is shaping the future of brand-consumer interactions, one can at a time.

The launch of Poptopia marks a significant milestone for Pringles, as it opens new opportunities for engagement and growth. With plans to launch Poptopia in 39 markets across Europe, Pringles is poised to captivate audiences and strengthen its connection with consumers around the world. This inaugural campaign with Pringles underscores dentsu's integrated capabilities across Media, Creative and CXM

Paul Humphries, vice president of consumer experience at Kellanova, said, "We're thrilled to partner with dentsu on this groundbreaking project. Poptopia represents the next chapter in our marketing transformation journey and we're excited to see how it will delight and inspire Pringles fans everywhere."

Ruth Bucknell, VP experience design CXM UK&I, dentsu said, “We are immensely proud of Poptopia, it’s the culmination of hard work and daring to dream big, and having a client who wants to dream with us. Poptopia is the living embodiment of “Unexpected Fun” and we can’t wait to launch it, spreading the joy far and wide. We are already looking forward to new brand partnerships and to expand and enhancing the world through many awe-inspiring additions. With Poptopia we’re driving the One dentsu philosophy forward by having all practice areas working to one goal.”