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Mirinda is a brand of soft drink originally created in Spain in 1959, its name means “admirable” in Esperanto. Mirinda has been owned by PepsiCo since 1970 with global distribution.

Mirinda's first-ever digitally-made campaign was created to connect directly with the Generation Z who consume and seek out inspiration on digital media more than other generations, in fact 80% of their internet usage is for viewing online content.

The company used Digital Disruptive Marketing across all online platforms making sure they stand out as a creatively fun brand by promoting the concept “Mirinda Make The World Go AAAH!” and achieve their goal to become a leading brand in the flavoured carbonated soft drink market.

A series of advertisements were released that features the young and prominent female rapper Milli and famous content creators from several countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, and Turkey) showcasing their unique talent and creativity to connect the brand with young consumers around the world, to "Make the World Go AAAH!".

The company ran its digital marketing on all platforms alongside the “Mirinda Creator Camp” - one of the largest live-streaming campaigns of the year - to foster new content creators and to claim the top spot in the hearts of young people, especially Generation Z.

Del was brought in to create and choreograph a TikTok style dance for the dance content creators featued in the commercial who transition into a VFX liquid dancer representing the tasty Mirinda drink in motion which leaps into the screen for an epic finale.

Like a TikTok dance - A sequence of clean moves focusing on foot and upper body work and moves that incorporated miming and reacting to drinking the product was designed so that all the dance creators could execute well and one that people could copy after watching the ad.

In their final move a dynamic leap would land and match cut to a liquid dancer made from colourful soda. Body referenced from Del himself, movements were shaped with interpreted splish splash energy ending with and an explosive tasty dive into lens, knowing they would be liquified by VFX in post production.

This spot for Asia features Vietnamese TikTok dance star Quang Dang


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Mirinda | Make The World Go Aaah [Commercial]