Del Mak Choreographer & Movement Director


The Current Account Switch Service is a service that helps customers switch bank/building society accounts in the UK. More than 40 banks and building societies are part of the service and covering over 99% of UK current accounts.

Del was brought back on the successful campaign to work on 4 online explainers videos to illustrate how easy it is to switch bank accounts. The videos feature main characters (‘Switchers’) moving around their home environment with 2 ‘Movers’ around them helping them to move through their daily lives with ease.

Del worked closely with all departments early on in the creation process including the director, camera, lighting and art department to plan a seamless performance journey.

The performance and choreography in each video was designed as it's own theatrical piece, showing the smoothness of how the cast, set and props effortlessly interact, enhanced by fluid camera movement, lighting and special effect cues.


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BACs | Current Account Switch Service 'How To' Videos [Commercial]