Situation: In a bustling city like Berlin the run-up to Christmas has always been a nerve-wrecking experience. We the BVG, Berlin’s public transport company, wanted to reduce stress and make driving home for Christmas relaxing again. But how to achieve this in a time everyone is fu***d up about everything? Idea: With the calming effect of cannabis. And the world’s first ticket that lets you simply swallow your anger. The hemp ticket – a ticket made of edible paper, drizzled with hemp oil, extracted from the seeds of the cannabis plant. The design reinterpreted the look of the original BVG tickets and added a big cannabis leaf on it. This limited edition of 7000 pieces was sold in BVG’s customer centers and could be eaten completely after the last ride of a stressful day. Results: Within hours, the completely legal hemp tickets were literally on everyone’s lips. With a total reach of over 860 million contacts equaling a media spending of 13,7 million euro we sparked conversation all around the globe. News from every continent reported and social media went nuts. In the end we not only gave Berlin a ticket to forget its stress but also the whole world something to talk about during the Christmas holidays


  • Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG)Client
  • Alex KutkaEditor
  • Annette KrebsClient Services Director
  • Ara DeckerHair and Makeup
  • Bastian GlaessnerDirector
  • Børge HeesemannProducer
  • Daniel MergetDOP Assistant
  • Dennis WendtAgency Producer
  • Doerte Spengler-AhrensManaging Director Creative
  • Fabian ReifarthMusic Composer
  • Florencia UthoffProject Manager
  • Florian KaspereitAgency Producer
  • Frederik JacobiDirector of Photography (DOP)
  • Friederike SpeetzenProject Manager
  • Guido FischerProduction Manager
  • Heike WurchPost-production Supervisor
  • Helena FlorenzProduction Assistant
  • Jonas LengerArt Director
  • Jonathan MeisterAgency Producer
  • Leon WaterkampMusic Producer
  • Martin KullhawyProduction Assistant
  • Michael WildeCreative Director
  • Mike BotheColorist
  • Not A Machine HamburgSound / Music
  • Oscar EngelhardtCopywriter
  • Phil MönchSound Designer
  • Ralf DenkerMusic Composer
  • Sebastian Bunzel3D Artist
  • Stefanie FugeStyling
  • Stephan GiestManaging Director
  • Tony Petersen Film GmbHProduction Company
  • * DELI Creative CollectivePost Production Agency
  • * Camilla BenatarAgency
  • * Cannes Lions Winners 2022

Who pooled - The BVG Hempticket – Come home, calm down.