Background: In Germany, around 9,000 people are waiting for an organ donation. And every day two of them die because they had to wait too long for a transplant. We asked ourselves: How can the BVG – the public transport company of Berlin – use its reach to turn a simple ride into an emotional and lifesaving event? Idea: The BVG is the heart of Berlin, it is the pulse of the city and keeps it alive. But what would happen if this heart suddenly stopped? Execution: On September 29, World Heart Day, the whole BVG paused for a moment. At exactly 8 a.m. all passengers in the trains, busses and metros stopped for an impressive message that came from the heart: a real organ donor addressed all passengers via video announcement and appealed to them to become a potential organ donor. But the message does not only reached people in our vehicles, but also at all stops, via OOH, as well as online – turning the surprising interruption of our vehicles into an event that nobody could miss. In Berlin and whole Germany. Results: For this cause, 500.000 organ donor cards in the colour of our bright yellow heart were available in all BVG vehicles, bus- and train stations. All of them (and even more through our website) were distributed. The result: One in seven Berliners is now carrying one of our cards in their pocket – keeping hope and people alive.




  • Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) - AöRClient
  • Alex SchimpkeAssistant Director
  • Andreas Görgemanns3D Artist
  • Annette KrebsClient Service Director
  • Bernd HildebrandtVFX/Compositioning
  • Björn HaneldDirector of Photography
  • Björn SchulzeSound Engineer
  • Cedric SchanzeDirector of Photography
  • Christoph StingelProducer Post Production
  • Christoph ZapletalVFX/Compositioning
  • Christopher Hill3D Artist
  • Darius DettlaffMotion Graphics
  • David HoufekAssistant Director
  • Dennis WendtAgency Producer
  • Dörte Spengler-AhrensManaging Director (Creation)
  • Fabian ReifarthComposer
  • Florencia UthoffProject Management
  • Florian KaspereitAgency Producer
  • Franciska WiedemannVFX/Compositioning
  • Friederike SpeetzenProject Management
  • Gordon FischerVFX/Compositioning
  • Hakan CirakProducer
  • Hannes RathArt Director
  • Henrik von der LiethMotion Graphics
  • Jakob CassebaumArt Director
  • Jonathan MeisterAgency Producer
  • Jule BehrensProducer
  • Julian AueCopywriter
  • Jung von Matt AG / HamburgAgency
  • Kai SehrDirector
  • Kamil WojciechowskiSound Designer
  • Kolja BustorfMusic Producer
  • Marc MöllerProducer
  • Michael WildeCreative Director
  • Not A Machine GmbH / HamburgMusic / Sound Production Company
  • Oliver SchumacherColourist
  • Philipp SchättlerCopywriter
  • Rabbicorn Films / HamburgProduction Company
  • Sebastian BunzelMotion Graphics
  • Sebastian LockerVFX/Compositioning
  • Stephan GiestManaging Director
  • Sven DunckerEditor
  • Tim BozekCopywriter
  • * DELI Creative CollectivePost Production Agency
  • * The One Show