Dean Dorat Photographer /​ Graphic Designer


In an age where Artificial Intelligence is turning our perceptions upside down, where the risk of dehumanisation is becoming ever more apparent, many of us seem increasingly attached to our roots, our history. AI will never be able to replace our origins, to match the emotions that a memory brings. We are all, without exception, linked to a tree, that of our ancestors, and we vibrate with what has gone before us. We are the continuity of this family history that takes shape from year to year.
Rummaging through archives and a family tree, studying psycho-genealogy, I became more aware of the missing parts of my own puzzle, realizing the impact that family secrets can have and how one secret can lead to questioning my own legitimacy. This work is a path between the past and the present, the untold and the known. It became a quest extended to other families, other stories than my own.
I entered the vortex of subconsciousness, searching in the hope to not only find an answer but to honor our ancestors. Lost souls or cherished ones. Like an equilibrist I am walking on the middle line, building a bridge between then and now, inspired by the stories that those faces, those eyes can tell... so that neither I or them will fall in the void…
I also work from photographs of people I meet along the way or with whom I am close. Beyond the classic portrait, I then add graphic elements, which are a resonance of the emotions that arise through this creative process, like an allegorical translation of their soul.
Welcome to my Library of Souls...


Who pooled - Moonchild, the Library of Souls