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Wake up:
We worked with Full Metal Software to develop their brand identity, bringing it into line with their cutting-edge products and solutions.

We took them through our 18 degree process, drawing up a purpose, vision and mission that sit comfortably with the positioning of the company today. Their ability to understand complex client problems and translate them into an intuitive, fit-for-purpose solution inspired our approach to the visual brand identity. Reducing everything down to the lowest granular level, we used pixels and a binary approach to their colour palette to bring to life the essential basic key elements that are the building blocks of the bigger picture.

We designed and built a brand new website shaped by an in-depth initial SEO strategy report. We developed a new site map which allows the Full Metal team to display their full range of services at a glance to their customers, and through clear call to actions and a distinctive layout structure, we improved the user experience to funnel more leads to their sales team and to achieve the best web design. We drew-up a display typeface based on the pixel grid of the initial logo, providing a full alphabet of letters and numbers to add a further layer of distinction to the visual brand identity. A supporting icon suite based on a square grid further enforces the strength and consistency across their full range of communication including signage and way finding.


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