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# Brief
To create a cross multi-platform accounting tool that empowers the self employed to focus on what they love doing best, by removing tax-bill anxiety and the mundane task of managing their day to day business finances.

# Process
TAXO'D is a the result of years of frustration working as a freelancer. Fed up with the complicated and expensive accounting solutions designed for big business, curiosity took me on a 5 year journey, from designer to tax man or (tax slayer), to solve my own tax woes.

# Result
Create an accounting tool that focus solely on the freelance / self-employed market. Record transactions on the go, show you how much tax you owe in real time and files their tax return directly to HMRC.

Date created: October 2016 2016-10-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 31 January 2018 2018-01-31T13:02:15+0000


Pitch to Rich - semi-finalist
Welsh start up of the year award - Finalist


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