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MGM Macau is a five star hotel priding itself on meticulous attention to detail. It's a sophisticated resort inspired by the arts, with every element of the hotel infused with a sense of considered creativity and style.

ELSE were asked by MGM China to define the overall experience for their new customer loyalty programme, MLife. MGM had a clear focus on attracting and retaining a diverse and highly skilled workforce, able to deliver on the brand values of a premium, unique experience.

The project saw us redefine what MLife could be — from an earn-and-burn loyalty scheme to a philosophy that built loyalty for both staff and customers alike. Our approach to this included the following:

Loyalty As A Service
A mindset shift that enabled MGM to interact with people in new ways. The customer app was designed around principles of gamification which encouraged customers to unlock achievement levels through participation.

Gamifying The Game
On property, one major opportunity was to use the data MGM has available to enhance the casino experience. This included pointing to ‘hot’ tables across two properties.

The Staff Experience Of MGM
In order to offer an exemplar customer experience, it’s essential to create the right conditions for staff to flourish in their role. Our focus for staff was to create the environment where staff can become masters of their role. A system that gives reason to join and stay at MGM beyond renumeration.

The result?
Mass-gaming revenue grew by 6% year on year in 2016.
EBITDA margin increased 290 basis points from a year ago to 30.1%.
MGM China recorded a total revenue of HK$14.9 billion.


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MGM China: Redefining Loyalty