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"Knocking all stereotypes out of the skatepark, Rayssa Leal was only seven when she went viral after a video surfaced of the young Brazilian dressed as a fairy princess, landing what Tony Hawk coined the 'fairytale heelflip'
Paving the way for a new generation of teen girl skaters, her career skated off from there. Rolling into this year's Tokyo 2020 Olympics at the age of 13 as a fan favorite, just yesterday Leal got her first medal in the sports inaugural appearance at the Games, winning silver in women's street skateboarding.
To commemorate Leal's first Olympics, Nike and Wieden + Kennedy São Paulo created 'New Fairies' - a Disney-esque film, that stars Leal
Part of the 'Play New' global series, the ad shows that true magic doesn't happen like a fairy tale. It takes dedication to the sport, which transforms athletes and society.
Using playful elements, from animated animals and a classic children's cartoon soundtrack, the ad is devised to inspire a new generation of athletes."


  • NikeClient
  • Amanda GrellProduction Coordinator
  • Ana GazalExecutive Producer
  • André CozzaMaking of Editor
  • André FridmanMaking of Editor
  • André PallúCopywriter
  • André TrosterPlanner
  • Bruno CapassoAccount Services
  • Cacá BarabásArt Director
  • Camila DoimoFinisher
  • Camila HamaouiAccount Services
  • Camila PaierSocial Media Strategist
  • Carol OzziProduction Designer
  • Carolina CavalliniAccount Services
  • Carolina JunqueiraExecutive Producer
  • Cartel CartoonIllustration & Animation
  • Cassia GarciaExecutive Producer
  • Douglas R.BernardtDirector of Photography
  • Eduardo LimaExecutive Creative Director
  • Fabiano HigashiCreative Director
  • Fabio AlbuqerqueClient Approval
  • Felipe KimSound Engineer
  • Fernanda MouraAgency Producer
  • Fernando GranjaSkate Supervisor
  • Gabriel BianchiniPhotographer
  • Gino WooClient Approval
  • Giovanna RouvierCasting Director
  • Guilherme MortensenClient Approval
  • Gustavo VianaClient Approval
  • Ingrid RaszlManaging Director
  • Irmãs FridmanDirector
  • Jacarandá AudioRecording Studio
  • Jesse LongClient Approval
  • Jessica TelezeTreatment Research
  • Livia PinheiroClient Approval
  • Luan FerreiraAudio Account
  • Lucas NunesPlanner
  • Lucas SeigoMedia
  • Luellen SouzaMedia
  • Madeleine LearyClient Approval
  • Marcela AmstaldenExecutive Producer
  • Marcela AntunesPost Production Coordinator
  • MarcellaLeme FerreiraHair & Make-Up Artist
  • Mariana KercheProduction Coordinator
  • Marilia FrancoExecutive Producer
  • Marina CoelhoSocial Media Strategist
  • Marina VieiraWardrobe Stylist
  • Michelle FernandesMedia
  • Nathalia AssadAccount Services
  • Nina CoimbraTreatment Research
  • Osmar JuniorColour Grader
  • Paula GalianoAccount Services
  • Paula MacedoProduction Coordinator
  • Rafael CesárioOrchestra Supervisor
  • Rafael RochaDirector of Production
  • Raphael PeresClient Approval
  • Regiani PettinelliAgency Producer
  • Renato SimõesExecutive Creative Director
  • Roberta BruzadinPost Production Coordinator
  • Stink FilmsProduction Company
  • SupersonicaAudio Production Company
  • Tabata VianaAccount Services
  • Tatiana NascimentoAudio Account
  • Theodora MelloMedia
  • Thiago PerinSocial Media Strategist
  • Tico CruzExecutive Producer
  • Vinicius VillaniSound Designer
  • Wieden+KennedyAdvertising Agency
  • * Mariana BorgaCreative Director
  • * D&AD
  • * Renan MolinArt Director
  • * RENATA DUMONTExecutive Producer
  • * Gabriel FerreiraMusic Producer
  • * Ingrid FerreiraClient Approval
  • * Camila MartinezExecutive Producer
  • * Fernando PradoPlanner
  • * Danilo AbrahamEditor
Project featured: on 24th November 2022

New Fairies


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