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Daniel Da Hora Chief Creative Officer


A survey by the Entrepreneur Support Service in Brazil still in 2018 reinforces the preference of consumers for places that offer home delivery. Half of the restaurants and eateries served by the institution across the country already offer this service. According to the study, this steady growth in revenue generated is mainly due to the increase in the consumption of meals away from home, because today Brazilians spend about 25% of their income in this mode; simply because it is more comfortable, or other reasons, such as increased violence, difficulty parking, economy with transportation and travel, etc.
According to a survey by the Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants (ABRASEL), the growth in the number of orders via application is around $ 1 billion each month. The number represents an average increase of 12% per year in the sector.
Designing such an operation from scratch and maintaining high quality standards in all processes was the challenge of Sumo Sushi Bar, which now offers delivery service. From the kitchen, the system, the renovation of the building to the branding, everything has been designed for the best experience and highest efficiency, ensuring the superior quality of all products with Chef Saburó Matsumoto's signature.
All the branding system for this service was though to reinforce this quality commitment and to show how excellence can be brought to the graphic design, from the surface design project that maintains the contemporary and upbeat language of all Sumô Sushi Bar branding to the poster cut in color layers. Such a complex project, which have gone through nearly two months of printing, assembly and feasibility testing for the food service.

Chief Creative Officer: Daniel da Hora
Senior Designer: Daniel da Hora / Luciana Oliveira
Account Manager: Samara Menezes
Partnership with CreattoComunicação

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Date published: 24 October 2019 2019-10-24T14:41:05+0100


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