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Die Trauerbox (mourning box) was developed by Kathrin Häberli in 2021. The book is an important component but, it comes with a carefully assembled box filled with lots of useful consumables to help teachers or other supporters get help quickly.

The book contains important and helpful addresses for Swiss people that offer psychological support in case of death, also it shows how to deliver the news of death and gives letter suggestions for educational institutions. It covers a great theoretical part about grief and grief reactions, suicide and many practical suggestions and ideas that can be practiced preventively to deal with the issue of death and bereavement in children and young people.

The mission
Challenging was not illustrating
the sad event of loss, but rather
inspiring hope. Keep the “hope” to its minimum, too happy is not fitting the heavy subject the book is about. Make the book attractive enough so that people will not feel unnecessarily irritated by its looks, but attracted.

The outcome
Often reading a book, particularly of this weight, exposing the eyes to soothing and warm colors can have calming benefits and comfort one with clearness regain.
Designing the illustrations, I kept in mind the thought of emptiness and a smile of hope, trying to feel what one might experience while being in the need of this book. The color combination has been created to inspire hope and have an effect that is relaxing driven, and find comfort when seeking help in this book.


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