Daniella Di Lisio Graphic Designer


Brexit Passport/Dezeen Brief. Project re-designing the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland passport following the UK's exit from the EU, focusing on the progression of music from the UK and Northern Ireland.

Leaving the EU is allowing the UK to ditch the old passport design, and enabling us to rethink what we might want to represent us.
This new passport design is embodying the progression of music from the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The variety of artists spanning a wide variety of genres would demonstrate the vast progression we have made, and represent what the United Kingdom has sounded like through the generations of the last 60 years.
This is what we have given to the rest of the world, as music is one universal thing we are known for. This would also widen the appeal to the public, as everyone should find some interest in a part of this passport. Music manipulates culture and is a large social influence, and as such has had the ability to create a lot of ‘movements’ and develop trends to what they were and are today; e.g. the influence of punk.

The multiple layers for each spread are tailored for the artist they are based on, reflecting on how the song is visually represented, the meaning of the song, and what helped create it. This also increases security for avoiding illegal replication. The English rose, Scottish thistle, Welsh leek and Irish shamrock unite the four countries into one unit, whilst still acknowledging their differences.

Date created: May 2017 2017-05-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 11 August 2017 2017-08-11T03:10:13+0100


Brexit Passport/Dezeen Brief