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I had a pleasant opportunity to meet an incredible person called Bernard. On my way shopping I always pass an elderly man walking his dog, which by the way, is elderly as well. This gentleman always has a smile on his face and there is no person who would pass him without greeting him and smiling back. And Blue (the dog), despite of the fact that she barely walks, still playfully tosses her rubber frog around.
Bernard is an 82 years old gentleman from Salford who is suffering from dementia. As long as he can remember his life’s motto was to smile and laugh until it hurt. This approach to life made him stronger and helped him to face the struggle of life and cherish every minute of it.
In early 70's Bernard tragically lost his son who was only 17 years old. Last year he lost his daughter and shortly after his wife. Now it's only him, his loyal companion Blue and Karen, a lovely career who helps Bernard out with everyday stuff. They developed a strong bond, which grew in a strong understanding.
This film is documenting one day of Bernard's life, his everyday routine filled with memories from the past and longing after his loved ones.

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"Bernard & Blue" (full movie)