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In September 2020, we issued new research from the University of Exeter, commissioned by the charity. It identified 5 main types of cat owner in terms of their attitude to their cats’ hunting. Our resulting media and social media campaign resulted in a media reach of over 673,000,000 thanks to articles and broadcast interviews in the likes of CNN, Mail Online, The Telegraph, The Independent, ITV News, Newsweek and BBC Radio.

Over 25,000 cat owners did a simple quiz to find what type they were, proving there is a keen interest in the subject amongst the 25% of UK citizens who own a cat. The benefits of such 'citizen friendly' science is that it opens up the conversation about how best to balance our fragile ecosystems. After all, in the words of the charity, “If nature is to win and endangered species thrive, a pragmatic approach is needed whereby cat owners’ views are considered as part of wider conservation strategies.”



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