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Modernise the Great British Carvery and develop a brand journey for a new, casual dining concept for hard-working, affluent and demanding city workers who want a quality lunch, fast.

Carve plans to strip lunchtime to the bone with a simple menu of freshly-carved meats, fish, or halloumi with spices, rices, chilies, relishes and roots to whet the biggest and most nutri-conscious appetites.

A self-service cashless touchscreen system is a key feature and one of the first in London, cutting queues in order to deliver high-protein, high-impact meals on-the-go.

The Execution;
Our stance is bold and confident; the name Carve is short, sharp, and descriptive of the concept, while the simple copy – No Bull, Just Meat – cuts to the chase and lets the food do the talking, tapping into the primal cravings we can feel when hunger strikes.

The design is industrial and minimalist, and the core features play on the visual suggested by the brand name. Research shows that the optimum knife-sharpening angle to get the best carving edge is 25˚, which gives us a meaningful focal point in the sharp angles and lines that slice through the brand details – from the logo, custom-cut apron pockets and lighting arrangement, to the lay of the wall tiles and the wayfinding chevrons on the floor.

The bull provides an iconic design element that is eye-catching, bold and illustrative of the brand. The overall look is simple and deliberately monochrome to let the food take centre-stage, and a touch of copper in the palette suggests quality.

The slick design of iPad-style payment portals allows easy, speedy purchase and compliments the strong interior concept; Carve is high-protein food, delivered fast, in a modern, streamlined environment.

The concept has been well-received, with a hearty write up in The Evening Standard and an excited crowd of customers queuing outside on launch day. With the success of this new concept, investment for a further five central London Carve locations is planned over the next two years.

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