Critical Mass Calgary, AB


Tik Tok has become an indispensable hub for the global SMB community, and the most successful brands are showing up in platform-native ways. So, how could AT&T get small business owners on Tik Tok to see that AT&T Business Fiber offers the best possible internet experience and real impact to their bottom line? By showing them that speed connects you to your customers.

To show small and medium business owners that their success depends on fast and reliable internet, we utilized the Snap Transition trend on TikTok (with over 12.7M views) to create an ad bespoke to the platform, proving that with lightning fast AT&T Business Fiber, business feels like it can be done in a snap.

We created a fun, high-paced video that utilized match-cuts and outfit changes to reflect a thriving online retail business. By using TikTok-native transitions and dancing, we created an entertaining bespoke piece to appeal to our audience already on the platform.

The spot was a resounding success, with impressive results that exceeded industry benchmarks. The film generated a massive 14 Million impressions, reaching a wide audience and increasing brand awareness. It registered 1.7 Million qualified video views, indicating strong interest and engagement among the audience. The engagement rate was also outstanding, with 125k interactions with the brand, representing a 29% increase above the industry benchmark (of 0.88%). The campaign's success can be attributed to its contextually aware creative, strategic distribution, and targeting, all of which worked together to deliver outstanding results that exceeded industry standards.


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