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Let’s face it, our culture is geared towards winners and winning. For example, the winners of the Super Bowl get fame, adoration, endorsement deals, and kisses from Taylor Swift. They even get a fancy Championship diamond ring!


M&M’S wanted to do something for the losers. After all, inclusion is a key part of our brand identity.

And Peanut Butter M&M’S have America’s favorite comfort food in the middle of them: peanut butter!


That’s when it hit us. We realized diamonds can, in fact, be made out of peanut butter. More specifically, the very same peanut butter used to make Peanut Butter M&M’S. So, if the Super Bowl winners get a fancy diamond ring, let’s make a similar Ring of Comfort for the losers. We worked with scientists, diamond makers and high-end jewelers to create the Almost Champions Ring of Comfort: a handcrafted ring designed to celebrate the losers of the Super Bowl.


To spread the word about our ring, we reached out to famous Almost Champions to help us out - NFL Hall of Famers who famously never won a Super Bowl, including Dan Marino, Bruce Smith and Terrell Owens. We also reached out to Scarlett Johannson, an A-list actress who lost two Oscar races in one year. Once the word about our Ring of Comfort got out, we realized it was something almost everybody wanted. The internet blew up with requests asking where and how people could get the ring. But true to our word, we delivered it to the city of San Francisco, losers of this year’s Super Bowl.


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