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Our goal was to create a digital experience that truly conveys the luxury of INFINITI vehicles and the legendary Japanese-inspired hospitality of the brand.

But how can you convey luxury through a website? How can you turn the deeply sensory experience of being in one of INFINITI’s vehicles into something meaningful in the digital world? That was the challenge we faced.

Based on a survey of 1200 luxury consumers, the idea we came up with was disarmingly simple. Luxury is about attention to every detail, and we wanted to make every single interaction; every motion; every image; and every piece of content across the experience feel truly luxurious.

We started by developing a new design system. We built a library of adaptable components that would highlight the level of quality in INFINITI cars.

We then shot exceptionally high quality video that communicated the sensory aspect of the product. The result is more immersive, more advanced and more emotionally engaging. Vehicle exploration is easier; campaign pages are more seductive and allow for richer storytelling; video, audio and other sensorial features add extra layers.

But the truly groundbreaking part of the site is Aimi. Aimi is the first digital person created for an automotive luxury brand. She’s an AI-powered digital brand ambassador we created to answer INFINITI-related questions. Designed to help with specific customer pain-points around vehicle comparison and impenetrable tech jargon. Aimi is here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By offering these exquisite touches, sensory moments and cutting edge interaction, we’ve created a digital experience that’s as close to the real product as you can get.


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