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Many wireless carriers claim to have the best service in the Unites States, but AT&T has the numbers to back it up. The other carriers? Well, they’re OK. But if you ask us, “just OK is not OK.” To spread the message, we used a series of display videos and “how-to” clips that made a joke out of mediocrity and helped audiences see the absurdity of settling for less than the best—a crème brûlée gone wrong, a boxer undone by bad coaching, a getaway driver who doesn’t get away. The work earned media buzz and way better than OK results, including a brand lift that was 3x higher than our benchmark.

Date published: 25 April 2019 2019-04-25T17:33:13+0100
Project featured: on 26th April 2019

AT&T - Just OK is Not OK


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