Cannes Lions 2017: Duality of data with Grant Owens

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We took a pit stop with Grant Owens, Chief Strategy Offficer at Critical Mass along the Croisette to talk about the duality of data, content and augmented reality.

The last few years has seen a growth in the conversation around data, with Artificial Intelligence becoming a dominant, recurring theme this year.

‘Too much data can paralyse clients’

While gathering trends and insights is important, Grant believes it is important to seperate the signal from the noise in order to access true customer insights. In a world saturated with more content then we could humanly consume, it is critical to get close to your customers.

'Customers aren’t the same person in the morning as they are at midday or as they are at the weekend'

The content you are producing must meet customers at the right place, at the right time. you’re putting out there needs to meet the customer at the right place.




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