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CORING is a novel interactive collaboration furniture, that leads the evolution of meeting spaces!

Business and social meeting trends have been continuously changing throughout the recent years and new standards for set-up and interior design aim at making meetings more casual and interactive. Dynamic collaboration spaces and customizable workstations are usually provided by touch-screen tables, which are becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

CORING can be generally characterized as one of these, but it is not just another touch-screen table. It's unique design, technology integration and best of their class components consist CORING one-of-a-kind. It aims to redefine business meetings with its customizability into a more creative and interactive experience, as​ It could be a very useful meeting tool for architects, designers, creative artists, progressive presentations/evaluations, home appliances or cars industries, universities, libraries, hotels, hospitals, etc...!

Business meeting spaces are usually rooms with a large plain table and a TV-screen hanged on a wall, but this is not very interactive in terms of technology…On the other hand, touch-screen tables do the job perfectly, but they leave space only for 2 people to interact with each other and usually this is not very convenient for a crowded meeting…CORING is a unique convergence of business meeting spaces and touch-screen tables and it’s special characteristics cannot all be found in one piece of furniture:

# rotating touch-screen table allowing equal interaction for six(6) people​
# plug&play with almost any device-PC even during the same meeting​
# compatible with object recognition or pen or mouse/keyboard​
# CNC cut and handmade metal structure with easy on-site assembly​
# exceptional components for the touch system and the cover top glass ​
# detachable standing or sitting support following the overall furniture design aesthetics​
# uniquely designed interactive furniture with four(4) color options​

CORING can accommodate up to 6 people with space for their personal items or beverages. Its rotating table system allows any of its users to customize and use as his/her own personal computer “on-the-fly”. All of these 6 people can use the touch-screen table at a standing or sitting position, as long as the other can rest in a semi-standing or sitting relaxing position. This resting area can be easily removed in order for the table to be used in a different fashion. In terms of pc system connectivity, CORING is very versatile, as long as the UI of the touch-screen system is "plug and play" and nearly every OS devise can connect and function with this. This characteristic allows many different users to convert their own devises easily into a large 43" touch-screen computer, even during the same business meeting!

Join the meeting evolution...CORING_the core of meeting!


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