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I introduce myself as a professional with strong creative and expressive skills in the field of scenography and photography acquired in numerous working collaborations supported by the study in the Academy and participation in Masters, refresher courses, seminars and workshops.

My work as a Set Designer can be easily summarized in three main and fundamental concepts: observing with wonder, living with experience and cultivating curiosity.

I believe that it's essential, in order to best carry out this work, an all-encompassing observation at three hundred and sixty degrees; experience, since one never finishes learning, updating or knowing: on the contrary, everything is experimentation, mutation, motion and change; also unfailing curiosity, for the discovery, the innovative, the mysterious.

I have always employed myself to the point of exhaustion: "it's never enough" is my philosophy not only of life, but also of work.

To paint, to build, to create, to organize and to plan arouse an energetic laxity, an exultant joy of satisfaction after adversities, an avid though loving longing for incessant perseverance, peculiarities that distinguish my personality dedicated to this profession.


3D Design, 3D Modeling, Architecture, Digital Art, Event Design, Exhibition Design, Illustration, Photography, Photoshop, Prop Design, Rendering, Set Design

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