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With some colleagues we helped Frankfurt to become the main city for creative work in advertising (1969 to the end of 1990).

The agency I co-owned, Lürzer,Conrad was the #1 agency of the top 50 agencies in Germany regarding "Exceptional Creative Potential" and "Unusual Advertising-Concepts" in a representative research by the IMF Institute published by „Der Kontakter".

In the 90s Hamburg took over.

From 1986 to 2002 I helped influence creativity globally through my CCO job at Leo Burnett Worldwide, where we produced 27 agencies of our global network to be named Agency of the Year in their country, on top of this we've been named „Global Agency of the Year" by AdAge in 2000 and in 2001 the Gunn Report showed us as the most awarded agency in the world.

After retirement in 2003 I co-founded the EMBA Berlin School of Creative Leadership - a non for profit foundation.

This institute has become a heavy influencer on higher standards in all creative industries like advertising, media, journalism, pr, entertainment, design, architecture, fashion, communication technology and marketing.

We've built 23 classes since we've opened the doors in 2006 with about 500 participants from over 60 countries.

We've produced recently a book containing 26 interviews by journalists with 28 alumni of the Berlin School.

This can be downloaded via our website:

I also can sent the physical book to you .... and more people to understand our successful mission and vision:

Mission: "We turn great creative minds into great creative leaders".

Vision: "A Creative CEO in Every Creative Business".

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