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Dear Sir/Madam,

I have recently graduated from the University of Nottingham studying English & Philosophy.

Self-starter creativity, analytical expertise, marketing strategy experience, technological proficiency and sophisticated articulation seem integral to the success of this role. This cover letter will outline my proficiency for this role in accordance with the roles required skill-set.

I have written, directed and produced an award winning comedy play across multiple venues in the UK, whilst also co-founding a growing start-up production company focusing on original Theatre and TV productions (Big Fridge Productions). Which was, notably, responsible for the marketing, development and production of Poseidon's Playhouse at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019. Additional to this, I have produced The Most Expensive Orgy in History at Durham Drama Festival and Nottingham New Theatre. Currently, I am working with Trylife to produce an interactive film focussing on the isolation inherent within rural England, this series will be released to Trylife's audience of 7 million people. This, coupled with my role as Head of Talent Acquisition for Storycentral have developed my confidence in liaising with creatives, and working collaboratively towards a shared objective. These self-starting, creative endeavours have been assisted by my undergraduate degree, insofar as my philosophical studies have facilitated a holistic and analytical approach to contentious and sensitive aspects of the world. This, coupled with my english studies, have allowed such insights to be articulated with clarity and sophistication. Furthermore, a skilled proficiency in software to assist administrative tasks have been developed from my experience in marketing companies.

My ability to flourish within collaborative working environments was rewarded with the role of Head Boy in my previous school; where listening, mediating and showcasing the student populous was integral to successful leadership. Teaching English in Japan and volunteering in Costa Rica further evidence my self-motivated collaborative efforts in both creative and extra-curricular endeavours. These studies aided me in the multiple sales ambassador jobs I have completed, where confidence and charisma in conducting face to face sales was obligatory to the roles success. This, coupled with my desire to enthusiastically preserver a challenging creative environment has confirmed my disposition that I am aligned to this career path.

The scope for development both professionally and personally that this role offers compels me to apply; for the benefit of my career progression and, I would hope, to lay the foundations for a long term career.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Conor Norrington


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