About us

Overview of Concentra

Concentra is the multi-award winning analytics company that helps leading global companies to improve their strategic decision making and operational implementation through the use of data and analytical techniques. We do this through our multi-industry experience, consultancy thought leadership, analytical rigour and market changing technology. It is an exciting time to be joining. Concentra has just received £41M in funding round.

We are experiencing rapid growth, as organisations accept that data-driven decision making leads to improved revenue, reduced costs, better customer retention and an improved workforce. Concentra has the visionary leadership, strong strategic thinking and advanced technical expertise to lead the transformation that data is bringing to business and to support our growth across our offices in London, Canada (Toronto) and US (Philadelphia) and soon to open in Hong Kong.

What we do

Our clients want support in better understanding their organisation to make the right decisions to support their ongoing strategy and often times transform their business. We do this by leveraging best of breed technologies, combined with the consulting approaches to fully understand how our customers operate.

Our three proprietary software offerings, OrgVue, SupplyVue & DataPlus, were built from the best practices and learning from our consulting heritage. Productising our knowledge allows us to reach a greater number of customers to add value to their customers.

Company Culture

Based in central London (St. Paul’s), Concentra works hard to foster a sense of community both in and outside of the office. While at the office, our open plan design including a large social area allows individuals to collaborate with industry leaders and incredible minds. For those interested, the social committee also ensures there is a wealth of activities outside of the office for all interests including cultural events, sports or food or drink.

Our employees come from all over the globe and we strongly support and encourage a diverse workforce as we believe it improves us all.

We believe in a culture of learning and support training opportunities that are appropriate for the individual. We support our employees to build their careers, whatever stage they're at. Our culture is built on our values of invention, collaboration and a drive to deliver the highest quality of service.

We're changes makers who are leading the industry who believe in five core behaviours:

Driven. We are clear on our goals and focus on delivering them. We are conscientious; we give our all and strive for better. We take ownership and responsibility. We don’t give up.

Bold. We take calculated risks and aren’t afraid to go first. We give our opinions and welcome debate. We stand up for what we believe in.

Inquisitive. We constantly seek understanding, insight and opportunity. We praise curiosity and welcome questions. We actively pursue new knowledge and experiences.

Inventive. We strive for new and better ways to add value. We are resourceful, agile and creative. We commend and encourage craftsmanship.

Collaborative. We pool our knowledge and skills in pursuit of the best. We respect each other’s time, views, contribution and environment. We recognise effort, celebrate success and take pride in collective achievements. We are modest and put team before self.

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