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Strategy is an intrinsic part of my work and having been part of Base One’s Strategy & Planning team for over a year, I was proud, if not slightly apprehensive, to be asked to create a promotional video that highlighted what the team has to offer.

The idea was to open up a conversation about effective brand strategy, inviting interested clients in for a informal meeting with the team.

I decided to lead by example and create awareness around how effective brand differentiation can separate you, or your product, out from your competitors, whilst at the same time differentiating ourselves from other branding agencies in the eyes of potential clients.

Commissioned by Base One

Produced & directed by Colin Chan
DOP: Jon Stow – Intraspectrum Studios
Stop frame animation & motion graphics: Phil Davies – Battlecat!
Lighting consultant: David Lidbetter – David Lidbetter Photography

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Date published: 18 February 2015 2015-02-18T10:33:27+0000


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