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Spark is New Zealand’s largest and most established telco. In 2017, we launched a new creative platform – “Little can be huge.” Whether it’s a little extra value that adds up for their customers, a little call that turns someone’s day around, or the huge opportunities that a little connection can unleash, “Little can be huge” is a versatile platform for a company that shows up in every facet of New Zealand life.

The brief for this campaign was to connect with New Zealand emotionally but involve relevant tech. voice command technology is fast becoming a norm, but the earliest adopters are perhaps our youngest – leading to fertile creative ground.

Generation Voice, our most recent “Little can be huge” film, celebrates the power and opportunity the next generation will have, thanks to voice technology.

The 60 second film features kids quizzing voice assistants for answers to some of the biggest questions – Will vegetables actually make me taller? Will the water really change colour if I pee in the pool?

The adorable revolution ensues once a nation of curious kids begin fact-checking information that, to previous generations, would have slid by unquestioned.

Since launching in September 2018, Spark has seen amazing results for Questions. The campaign achieved a cut-through of 39% above the industry norm (53% versus industry norm of 38%). Brand love grew through an ‘enjoyment’ score of 69% compared to the industry norm of 44%, and Spark maintained its overall lead in ‘brand love’ score within the telco industry. In terms of consumer consideration, Spark’s lead in the neck-and-neck race with Vodafone was maintained throughout the campaign period. All leading to outstanding sales results within the Spark portfolio.

With 1.35 million views on YouTube, Generation Voice recently made it to the YouTube Ads Leaderboard – a yearly showcase of the most engaging ads that people watch on YouTube. The Leaderboard uses quantitative methodology that factors in audience retention and organic views to detemine ads that people choose to watch.

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