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The Brief
To increase positive brand engagement and reverse negative perception around annual billing time.

The Challenge
Being in a low-interest utility category, Yorkshire Water suffered from low brand affinity.
Around annual billing time, Yorkshire Water experienced a dip in customer satisfaction and positive brand perception.

We successfully started tackling these challenges with an earlier campaign, ‘This is Yorkshire Water’, which showcased all the ways Yorkshire Water positively impacts the daily lives of people in Yorkshire, beyond just clean, safe water.

Next, we had to step things up to find real affinity with Yorkshire folk.

The Solution
The ‘Course it's better’ campaign platform draws on the heritage and folklore of the region. We created an integrated campaign designed to rally pride. Living across outdoor, giveaways, social media, press advertising and more, we created a range of shareworthy content that the people of the county could really get behind.

The Results
780,000+ minutes viewed
Engagement rate 100% above industry benchmark
Social media content reached over 50% of the adult population of Yorkshire

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Date published: 8 March 2019 2019-03-08T11:39:41+0000

Yorkshire Water - 'Course it's better