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The Brief

Paym is a mobile payment service supported by the UK’s 15 major banks and building societies. It’s free to register, free to use, sits in your banking app, and allows users to make speedy payments via a recipient’s mobile number. It’s a simple way of paying people back without time-consuming bank transfers or hunting down a cash point. It was launched in 2014, but by late 2016, growth of new registrations and volume of transactions through the service had started to plateau. We were appointed to raise awareness of Paym and the service, increase new registrations, increase volume of payments, and increase the level of engagement with the brand.

The Challenge

However, we faced a number of challenges. The service is promoted under different names by the different participating banks. It's also hidden inside the participant banking apps, while the sign-up process and customer experience of the actual service varies significantly between participant banks and building societies.

Plus, there was a degree of scepticism and some trust issues towards banking products in general. This was, in part, due to "phishing" activity in recent years.

The Solution

We introduced the strapline 'You've got it, so use it' as the creative theme to hold together all brand led and tactical campaign activity. For example, the ‘Pocket Dance’ campaign targets both existing and new users. It puts both the location of the service (your mobile phone) and a common usage occasion (don’t get caught out doing the pocket dance to find your wallet to pay back your mates!) at its heart.

The Results

Online engagement uplift of 891% YOY.

More money was transferred via Paym in 2017 than in 2014, 2015 and 2016 combined.

Over 1.5 million views of film assets across YouTube combined.

Paym - You've got it, so use it



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