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The power of not ignoring things and coming together for a social and environmental cause is at the heart of our film "Choose Your Future." Created pro-bono as part of a protest campaign by Extinction Rebellion, the film was shot with a modest budget of £500 and a production time of just two weeks. Yet, despite these constraints, it has received positive feedback and attention from various publications, including Creative Review, LBB, David Reviews, and Shots.

"Choose Your Future" was produced by The Chickenfactory and Odelay Films for Extinction Rebellion UK. Written, directed, and edited by Tom Geens, the film's message is clear: we must hold the UK government accountable for their actions towards the environment. The film features actors Olivia Macdonald and David Whiting, whose performances are funny, powerful and impactful.

The film's production team is a testament to the power of collaboration around an important cause. Producers Tom Geens and Prudence Beecroft, DOP Adam Hall, Focus Puller Tuncer Odezemir, Gaffer Will Jessell, DIT André Turazzi, and Sound Designer Oskar Qvick all contributed their time and expertise to the project. The film's post-production was done by Coffee & TV, with colorist Lewis Crossfield and VFX artists Ed Kevill-Davies and Callum Wellby.

We are proud of the impact our film has made in sparking conversations around environmentalism and social change. We believe it deserves recognition at the Social Good Annual 2023 Award, as it demonstrates the power of collaboration and creativity when it comes to raising awareness and creating change for a better future. Thank you for considering our entry.


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