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Code and Theory worked with the NBC News team to quickly and efficiently meld ideas and iteratively push work out the door. With a blended product, strategy, design, and technical team, we were able to rethink and evolve existing paradigms.

We piloted this new approach with the launch of 3 new premium verticals: Mach, Better, and Think. The output served the multifaceted purpose of a premium aesthetic, intuitive functionality, and a space to house innovative advertising products.

We expanded the design system for NBC News’ flagship sites: NBCNews[dot]com, MSNBC[dot]com, and Today[dot]com. We worked with the same disciplinary teams across each property to create and implement a shared future vision for each brand that, while unique, incorporated the same common system that had evolved from the three verticals.

The redesign is distributing more traffic across all NBC brands within their news portfolio and Internal NBC News Digital internal sites referrals has increased by triple digits (+110%). Also, there’s been more than 1M+ additional visits across NBCNews[dot]com, Today[dot]com and MSNBC[dot]com

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Date published: 26 February 2019 2019-02-26T19:48:12+0000


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