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I am a Pre-Press/Repro Manager with extensive experience in the field of Digital Pre-Press, Repro and associated IT Technologies for over 10 years, within a Pre Press Career spanning 35 years.

I relocated to Tamworth last year, taking an offer of employment with a smaller company and lower level of challenge than I previously enjoyed. I realise now, that while I am more than competent, the level of challenge and expertise required from me are unfulfilling.

I fully understand that the chances of me finding work at the current level I previously enjoyed were remote, but I have always been a "hands-on" manager, and am highly skilled within pre-press, because of that I have a very good knowledge of all print and binding processes, and I find dealing with customers easy - and I trust that I give them good service in return. I have the skills to work in any area of management or supervisory roles, as well as being able to work in production areas, I trust I would be a valuable addition to your staff - and I'm confident that I could make a permanent and useful contribution to this role if I am offered.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to have the opportunity to discuss this opening with you in person. I am sure my skills would be an asset and I could make a permanent and useful contribution to any roles I am offered.


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