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Last year I was tasked with designing a logo for the first ECB Forum on Banking Supervision. This event was considered to be a landmark event as it would mark the first anniversary of Banking Supervision being a task of the ECB.

Visualizing Banking Supervision and developing a logo for the event was no simple task. For the past one year, since ECB had taken over the task of Banking Supervision we had used the magnifying glass to visualize the idea of Banking Supervision.

However the Executive board members along with the business area organizing the event felt the visual of the magnifying glass was used too frequently and they would have preferred to see a new visual to represent the event.

The complexity of this issue lay in the fact that changing the visual of Banking Supervision to something else other that a magnifying glass; people might have missed the message that this was an event related to banking supervision (Especially since we had spent the last one year making Banking Supervision synonymous with the magnifying glass).

To solve this problem, I developed an abstract logo. At first glance it looked like a simple creative logo for the event.
However, if looked at it intently you would have noticed the negative white space in the logo forming a magnifying glass.

In this manner, I managed to integrate the magnifying glass into the logo and represent Banking Supervision; at the same time the magnifying glass was visually not too prominent in the logo.

Date created: August 2015 2015-08-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 11 September 2016 2016-09-11T22:36:24+0100


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Logo and branding for the first ECB Forum on banking supervision