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Architect and Interior Designer, currently working at Fernando Mosca Architectto, Milan Italy. After graduating bachelors in architecture from Pune, India in 2014 , and gaining practical knowledge under Ar.Jose.K. Mathew for a year and a half, the passion and craze to create long lasting impressions and explore strong experiences through spaces , led me to pursue masters in Interior Design.

I joined Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milan, Italy for masters in Interior Architecture in 2015. The time spent here opened up a whole new world of unknown aspects of design. It's possibilities, and scope inspired me. There has been a tremendous change in my perspective on design and on life as a whole.

During the course, i had done an internship with Sixplus Architetti, Milano, where i dealt with a housing project in London.
I graduated in December 2016, and started working at Design Group Italia as a junior Experiential Space Designer from April 2017. Here i had a spectacular experience working on some of the most sort out design projects in the world like Blue lagoon spa resorts Iceland, CIC center for 3M technologies France, etc.
After completing a year at Design Group Italia, i joined Fernando Mosca Architects, in June 2018. Here i work on both the architecture and interiors of international projects.

I believe that design or any form of creativity definitely contribute to the development of the society and wellbeing of its inhabitants and the environment.

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