About me

Juggler For Hire!

Let the Circus begin......YourCreative Director is on holiday, your Artworker has called in ill and your Account Director informs you that all the pitches have come off..In our business nobody knows what can happen tomorrow....

You need experienced help now.....

Working alongside the industries finest I have certainly had to keep my eye on the ball. My production & management skills have lead me to work within the top advertising and design agencies in the Midlands.
In fact the breadth of my experience has lead me to offer my advice directly to some of the UK's largest marketing teams.

So if you need a seasoned professional to help you deliver the next campaign, on time and within budget the next few pages should make for easy reading and help you stay in the big top.

17th ranked Print Executive
Freelance, Part time, Remote
Aston Fields
Skill Level
Middleweight, Senior
Creativepool member since 17 January 2011