Chromatic has partnered with Liberty Mutual to develop a new proposition and integrated advertising campaign which aligns its B2B services in North America and communicates a bolder and more strategic proposition: “Liberty is here for you. Today. Tomorrow. Together.”

Liberty Mutual Insurance has served employers and employees, customers and consumers, for 110 years. An organisation whose purpose and values underpin its strength and scale, Liberty is part of the Fortune 100 and has an annual revenue of around $50bn. As a mutual, Liberty fully focuses on its policyholders: it does the right thing, takes a long-term view, and provides the kind of partnership that its customers value now more than ever.

Research showed that Liberty’s B2B division, known as Liberty Global Risk Solutions (GRS) wasn’t punching its weight because it promoted a complex portfolio of brands. Working with a steering group drawn from leaders across the group, we recognised that in order to become more coherent for customers and more cohesive internally, Liberty needed a shared, simple and strategic proposition communicated through a distinctive, integrated campaign.

Value Proposition
To adapt and thrive in times of change and crisis businesses need their insurers to act as collaborative partners. The issues they face and the opportunities that arise, are too complex and too important to address alone.
In-depth customer research and competitor review confirmed the critical importance of collaborative relationships in the business insurance world. And because Liberty is a mutual company, they have the opportunity to ‘own’ the idea of collaboration in their space.
Drawing upon Liberty’s 100 year-old purpose, ‘to help people embrace today and confidently pursue tomorrow’ we developed a compelling value proposition:
Liberty is here for you. Today. Tomorrow. Together.

Campaign Strategy
The Liberty and Chromatic team recognised the value of focusing the campaign on the power of togetherness - sharing stories of where Liberty has collaborated with partners and other stakeholders to improve the services and deliver a range of benefits.

These stories include:
working with data scientists to improve the claims experience
working with technology partners to monitor climate-related risk
working with customers to respond to the Covid crisis with flexibility and compassion
We communicate these benefits using a simple and resonant formula. Together, we do good stuff.

Campaign activation
A bold and distinctive creative treatment gives voice to the Liberty GRS brand using, imagery, voice-over and commissioned music to emotively convey the presence and impact of Liberty’s work.
The campaign is being executed across offline and online touch points using a range of materials. A suite of stories will feature across insurance industry publications favoured by risk managers and brokers.
These ads are backed up by longer-form summaries found on Liberty’s website and also feature ‘mini-film’ versions of the ads which will be used widely across the business, alongside a highly evocative ‘Today.Tomorrow.Together’ brand film.

The results
Feedback has been incredibly positive, with Leaders Edge magazine describing the campaign as ‘the best ever’.
“I want to go on record as saying whoever is designing the Liberty ads for Leader’s Edge is knocking it out of the box! Whenever I see creative that understands that the readers of Leader’s Edge are writing enterprise wide policies for mid and large sized corporations, I make sure to request those ads get the best positioning possible!”


Project featured: on 8th April 2022

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