Advertising should be interesting. Its job is to catch the eye, reframe expectations and start conversations.
But B2B advertising can be painfully dull, often because brand owners lack clarity about their proposition, or the confidence to communicate distinctively.
As market leaders, Liberty Global Transaction Solutions has both clarity and confidence.
A dedicated business within the Liberty Mutual portfolio, Liberty GTS has a singular focus on providing insurance for Mergers & Acquisitions. Their clients are deal-makers and the legal advisers who support them.
And because there is no renewal process for M&A insurance, Liberty GTS need a brand marketing campaign which keeps them on their clients’ radar and supports ongoing relationship building.
Chromatic worked with the Liberty GTS leadership team to define a distinctive and authentic value proposition. Combining the strength and stability of the Liberty Mutual group with the speed and agility of a specialist global team, the brand stands for capacity, commitment and above all compatibility. The Liberty GTS team truly inhabit the culture of deal-making. Hence the brand proposition ‘Your World Is Our World’.
To dramatise the promise of compatibility and create a cut-through campaign, we adopted the specific and sometimes peculiar vernacular of the M&A market. By combining this insider lexicon with striking and amusing illustrations, the adverts invite dealmakers to recognise that Liberty GTS works at their tempo and - quite literally - speaks their language. They are at home with club deals, dry powder, hurdle rates and yes, unicorns.
Your words are our words: your world is our world.
Illustrations by Nell Heys


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Who pooled - Do you speak unicorn?