Christopher Reintz Chief Client Officer


Imagine you’re the #1 advertiser in the world. You’ve bought the #1 most expensive :60 in the world. Featuring a first-time collaboration of 7 of P&G’s brands running in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl. But even then…deep into the 3rd quarter of the game, you still have no idea what that commercial is going to be. Introducing “When We Come Together”, the world’s first interactive Super Bowl commercial.

We asked ourselves…how can we break out of the world where people are chomping at the bit to hit “Skip Ad” on any YouTube bumper. Bring people together to create the Super Bowl commercial they want to see.

P&G partnered with eko technology to create a six-minute interactive film where people could make choices to create the Super Bowl commercial they wanted to see. Within 72 hours, 281,456 unique storylines were created. Those choices combined to create over 60 unique storylines, any of which could become the final broadcast-ready commercial. Over 82% of people completed the full film and engagement time was over two minutes.

Voting locked at 9:14pm and the most popular path was assembled into the :60 sec broadcast ready commercial. No media trafficking…straight to air.


  • P&GClient
  • Bradley TrimbleBBIC IPM
  • Brooke StrozdasCopywriter
  • Brooke StrozdasCopywriter
  • Dante DeParmaIntegrated Producer
  • James McPhersonChief Production Officer
  • Jeff ShupeExecutive Producer
  • Joe BigginsPartner/EP
  • John PatroulisGlobal Chief Creative Officer
  • Pete CarterVice President and Harley Procter Marketer, Bran
  • Sarah MedleyGroup Director, Client Operations
  • Steve NobleChief Strategy Officer
  • Tony DesjardinsManaging Director
  • Zach FugateArt Director
  • Zach FugateArt Director
  • * Adam KahnChief Creative Officer
  • * Jeff StampChief Content Officer
  • * Grey MidwestAdvertising Agency
  • * Brooke AndersonCreative Director
  • * Christopher ReintzChief Client Services
Project featured: on 26th July 2021

World's First Interactive Super Bowl Commercial